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Borewell Drilling Services

K V M Borewell is engaged in providing matchless Borewell Services. We use heavy machines. We offering Borewell drilling services for a range of fields like housing flats & Apartments, trade, business, farming & All Govt Approved water well Projects. Being an expert Tube well drilling company in Chennai; Our Company is known as well drilling service provider who undertakes all types of drilling works in all types of soil. We have been serving both rural and cities.

Borewell Cleaning Services

A borewell must be flushed periodically for the best yield and safety of the borewell, because ground water may change any time. We have great expertise in flushing and cleaning borewell through high pressure air compressor, which takes raw water, dust, or wastes and decayed particles if any. If we find any decayed particles or animal, we use calcium carbonate in that borewell to kill germs and bacteria. Our company is recognized as a leading borewell cleaning solutions provider in Chennai. The frontrunner borewell cleaning contractor offers its services at very cost effective prices round the clock to meet complete customer convenience.

Types of motor

  • Jet Motors
  • Mono Block Motors
  • Sump Motors
Borewell Plumbing Service

We provide general plumbing repairs and installation for all your plumbing needs including tub and shower faucets, toilets, sink faucets, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, instant hot water dispensers, laundry tubs/faucets and laundry pumps. Drain clearing, sewer replacement and sump pumps. Water line replacement well pumps replaced/installed, water conditioning and filters. Water heaters, gas pipe installation and whole house humidifiers. We also provide complete bathroom remodeling with Kohler fixtures, ceramic tile, vinyl floors, paint, lighting, vanities and tops, tubs, showers, shower doors, mirrors and medicine cabinets.

Air Compressors Services

Owing to the proficiency of our experienced professionals, we are engaged in offering excellent quality Air Compressors Services. These services are rendered in compliance with set industry standards by our experts. In addition, our professionals use sophisticated technology and tools to render these services with high precision. Further, we make sure to render these services within set time frame. We offer these services at the most affordable price to the clients.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting, filtering and storing water from roof tops, paved and unpaved areas for multiple uses. The harvested water can also be used for potable purposes after testing and treatment. The surplus water after usage can be used for recharging ground water aquifer through artificial recharge techniques. This can also result in improving the quality of the ground water e.g. lower fluoride content in ground water. Rainwater harvesting mechanisms are designed after assessing the site conditions such as incident rainfall, subsurface strata and their storage characteristics, infiltration test and by building suitable structures to collect and store rainwater. Rainwater harvesting system provides a source of soft, high quality water, reduce dependence on wells and other sources, and, in many contexts, are cost effective. Rainwater harvesting system can range in size from a simple PVC tank to a contractor designed and built sump - costing thousand of rupees. Rainwater system are inherently simple in form. Harvesting rainwater is not only water conserving, it is also energy saving since the energy input required to operate a centralized water system can be bypassed. A range of filters for different filtration rates have also been designed using different filter media.

Soil Test Services

A Soil Test is a process by which elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc) are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their "plant available" content within the sample. The quantity of available nutrients in the sample determines the amount of fertilizer that is recommended. A soil test also measures Soil pH, humic matter and exchangeable acidity. These analyses indicate whether lime is needed and, if so, how much to apply. Package the sample appropriately. Put the soil mixture in the sample box. Do not tape the box or put soil in a plastic bag. If you are sending several sample boxes through the mail, pack them carefully in a sturdy container. Do not send samples in a manilla envelope. Mail samples to the Agronomic Division laboratory at the address on the back of this publication.

Borewell Services

KVM Borewell is engaged in providing matchless Borewell Services. We use heavy machines.

  • Excellent Borewell drilling services for Domestic and Industrial purposes.
  • Development of Tubewell
  • We undertake all types of borewells in all types of soil.
  • Serving both rural & city clients in Tamil Nadu.
  • Expert in 4½" and 6½" borewells
  • Deciding the Borewell point
  • Installation of pumps.
  • Expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged borewells
  • Top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of borehole drilling.


Borehole Inspection Services

Clearly, the condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. It’s important, therefore, to check a newly drilled bore to ensure that its design and specification have been met. Similarly, an existing bore should be reviewed periodically – as part of an ongoing maintenance programme – to highlight any latent faults before they develop into major problems or disruptions in supply. Any problems that manifest themselves at other times – perhaps because of a drop-off in performance – also need to be investigated, and the most effective way of performing all these checks is by way of a visual inspection through CCTV.




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